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Hinton, Alberta

Hinton Mountain Bike Association.  Our goal is to develop, maintain and promote the best possible mountain biking opportunities around the Hinton area, while ensuring responsible and safe practices in environmental conservation, trail construction, trail maintenance and riding.

Blog Posts


Trails Groomed for the Hinton Growler


Mike has been grooming after the past two days of snow, Growler course is packed and setting up nicely for next weekend's race. Race route has changed this yearr to incorporate 95% of the Hinton Bike Park, it’s fast n fun, I guarantee no hike a bike for the race! Get out & ride it! Also groomed just get there, Cleos, & Happy west.
Regular mountain bikes and hikers please avoid the Hinton Growler groomed trails, this will help us preserve the race course for race day.
Thank You

Winter Grooming 2019.jpg


Announcing the Bighorn Ridge Trails Project


We are very excited to announce the Bighorn Ridge Trails Project!!!

This project is a collaboration between HMBA and many partners: West Fraser (Hinton), Yellowhead County, Town of Hinton, and the Foothills Recreation Management Association - with Hoots Inc. as the builder! The project was realized last summer and work already started in the Fall of 2018 with a planned completion in the Fall of 2019.

HMBA and its Partners have secured over $300,000 for 1) a new trail to the Bighorn viewpoint and 2) upgrades and improvements to the original Bighorn Trail (descent) to make it sustainable (and fun!). Further plans are already being discussed, so this could be just the beginning.

The Bighorn Trail was originally built in the early 1900s by the Dominion of Canada Forestry Service as a pack trail to patrol the forested areas along the eastern slopes. Learn more about it's history here


Canadian Natural Donates to HMBA


Canadian Natural.png

Thank you Canadian Natural for your generous contribution of $14,500 to support the Hinton Mountain Bike Association!

Canadian Natural is proud to support projects that positively impact the communities where they do business.

Mike Langford (HMBA Board Member) accepts a cheque from Darrin West (Canadian Natural).

Mike Langford (HMBA Board Member) accepts a cheque from Darrin West (Canadian Natural).


Fix It Station Fixed!


The Fix It Station at the Hinton Bike Park has been fixed! Thanks to everyone for being patient these past few months as we waited for parts to be ordered, shipped and installed (by HMBA volunteers, of course!).

The Fix It Station, originally donated by Hinton Wealth Planning of Assante Financial Management Ltd. and the cement pad, donated by West Ridge, was installed and continues to be maintainted by HMBA volunteers.

Please note that the bike pump has super strong magnets near the pump head. It is made to cling to the side of the Fix It Station rather than laying on the ground, which increases the likelihood of damage.



Trans Mountain Expansion Project Underway


Recent trail users will likely have noticed large signs on some sections of trails in the Hinton area. These have been installed by Trans Mountain to notify all trail users of upcoming pipeline clearing/construction. There are no set timelines, but work in these areas can be expected between now and late November 2018. For more information, please visit the Trans Mountain Expansion Project website at:

Trails and features in these areas will be disturbed or removed during clearing and construction. Trans Mountain has assured HMBA that identified bike trails will be salvaged and even improved upon after construction is completed.

Pipeline Intersections.png


History of Hinton's Bike Trails


Curious about Hinton's trail history? Using best available data and using 1990 as a starting point, these pictures show changes over time. Are there any missing trails? Did we get the dates wrong? Let us know!

Big Horn was build in the early 1990s! Would love to know when Happy Creek was initially built. Happy Creek Trail has had major re-routes 2 times in last 10 years. Over 100K has been invested in the last 10 years on Happy Creek trail alone!

Does anyone know when Jack's Trails system was built??

Trails were now being mapped and published.

Phase 1 of bike park completed. Beaver Boardwalk completed. The J and Slowcooker added.  GS, Cleo's and Phil's Thriller also added

More trails added to upper bike park

Bubba's Added

Gasifier added

Vigilante and Stinger (Bike Park) added.

Ranger added.

Rock Band added.

Pembina Sprockids Trail added to Hinton Bike Park.


Trail Counts at the Hinton Bike Park


We have some trail user counts for the Hinton Bike Park between May 15 and July 19 => 66 days! Both Flow Master and the Pembina Sprockids Trail (PST) average 18 counts/day, where Flow Master had a max count of 93 on May 27 and PST had a max count of 52 on May 20th.

We are happy to see that Flow Master had 0 counts for the 3 downpour days after the Canada Day Long Weekend! Thank you to all uses who use trails and park responsibly :)


Trail Counts on Hinton Trails


The HMBA has invested in 12 Trail Counters this past year. 5 are located within the Hinton Bike Park and the other 7 are located on our trail system. These units count trail users, whether biking, hiking or running. These units do not take photos - sorry to those who may have made goofy faces at them :)

We shouldn't be surprised that The J is the most used trail as it leads to one of our favorite spots: the EZ Lookout! Happy Creek and Ranger are high favorites as well.

#bikehinton #HintonBikePark


Bike Park Parking Lot Busy June 23/24


Notice to all Hinton Bike Park (parking lot) users: Saturday June 23rd, HMBA is hosting a wind-up event for our Hinton Sprockids Program. For safety reasons, access to the parking lot will be closed between 9:30am and 2:30pm. Alternative parking options can be found along Eaton Drive. Please DO NOT park on the side of Robb Road as it is an active haul road and parking is not permitted.

On Sunday, June 24th, the Hinton Disc Golf Association is having their Grand Opening event at 1pm. The parking lot is open but will likely be very busy! Again, please consider alternative parking options, or bike/walk from home!


Shred Sisters Weekend Workshop next Month!


Registration still open

Registration for 2018 is still OPEN! Have you registered yet?

We can't wait to have you join us this year--we have so much fun planned! With some new coaches, new students, new courses, we've got lots of new, new, new to share!

Beginner Workshop


2-day workshop: Learn How to Mountain Bike

This weekend workshop is for women who have little or no experience on a mountain bike and would like to learn the fundamentals of riding in a fun, safe, professional, and supportive environment.

Sign up for the Beginner Workshop!



Intermediate Workshop


2-day workshop: Improve your Mountain Bike Skills.

This weekend course is for women who have taken the beginner program before or have been riding for few years and are interested in improving their mountain biking skills. It is also an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded riding buddies.

Sign up for the Intermediate Workshop!



Trail Report: May 19, 2018

Hinton Mountain Bike Assocation (HMBA)


Hinton Bike Park

Just a heads up: pine beetle crews are still present in and around the bike park.  Please avoid any flagged or signed areas while they complete their work. They are falling trees and are very active.  Thanks for your patience while they complete this important work.  Other than that, the bike park is dry and rideable.   Tuesday, May 22, HMBA will be doing maintenance in the park starting at 7pm.  Hope you can join us!


Happy Creek Trail System

Trails are in rideable condition!  Just a few soft spots to watch out for.  So as always, please ride with care and be conscious of muddy or soft spots.  Avoid going around wet/muddy spots - this results in trail widening.  Walking your bike through these questionable sections is always a good alternative!

Jack's Trail System

On May 15, 2018, the Board of the HMBA voted to downgrade this trail system as "unsanctioned".   A lot of clearing and fire smarting has happened in this area and the trails are very difficult/impossible to find.  Upper trails are still "untouched", but getting there will be tricky.  Ride at your own risk!



Access Road to Gasifier

Access Road to Gasifier

Gasifier is good to go! But the road to the top may still need some drying out. The snow is probably gone, but there may still be water/mud puddles on the road.  4x4 vehicle highly recommended.


Still time to register for Shred Sisters!

Bike Hinton

Shred Sisters 2-day Weekend Workshop in Hinton on July 28-29. Only a few spots remaining!!

Intermediate level: 
This is a weekend course for women who have taken the beginner program before or have been riding for few years and are interested in improving their mountain biking skills. It is also an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded riding buddies.…/weekend-workshop-intermediate-hi…/

Beginner level:
This is a weekend workshop for women who have little or no experience on a mountain bike and would like to learn the fundamentals of riding in a fun, safe, professional, and supportive environment.…/beginners/weekend-workshop-begin…/



Hinton Sprockids: Reminder for Parents

Bike Hinton

Well hello everyone,

Finally it's that time of year where we get out kids out learning and having fun out on our beautiful trails and bike park.

Just a few reminders:

1. 1st session (tomorrow) will be at Mountain View School.
2. If you can, please be there at 5.45pm so all the coaches can hand out all of the goodies to the riders.
3. If you haven't purchased a HMBA member, PLEASE DO IT TODAY - its for insurance purposes.
You can purchase Online, at Vicious Cycle, Bike Boy or at Hinton Voice.
4. All bikes must be in working order. They will be checked.
5. DON'T FOGET HELMETS, All children and ADULTS must have helmet. If you forget to bring a helmet we can't let you ride!!!
6. Please make sure all kids and adults go to the bathroom before arriving at sprockids as there is NO bathroom facilities at the school grounds.
7. Make sure kids are wearing appropriate clothing, footwear, bring water
8. Pray for the rain to go away for our first session.

I will send out an email if it rains to hard and we can't have our first session, so keep an eye out for it around 4pm-5pm tomorrow. If you don't get an email it will be still on, just dress for the weather condition.

I'm pretty excited to see everyone tomorrow

Thank You

Casey Hore
Sprockids Coordinator