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Hinton, Alberta

Hinton Mountain Bike Association.  Our goal is to develop, maintain and promote the best possible mountain biking opportunities around the Hinton area, while ensuring responsible and safe practices in environmental conservation, trail construction, trail maintenance and riding.

Trail Side Chat With Julie

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Trail Side Chat With Julie


Trail Side Chat Series 

HMBA is chatting it up with some local women riders to find out why they love mountain biking in Hinton!  Every week, a different rider will share their experiences with you.  This week, we start with Julie!

Meet Julie

Ladies' Ride, Fall 2010

Ladies' Ride, Fall 2010

HMBA: How long have you been riding in Hinton?

Julie: This will be my 18th season!  When I first moved to Hinton, I didn't even own a car.  I bought a mountain bike and rode it to work all summer - a summer that had a major thunderstorm almost every second day!!

HMBA: How would you describe your riding level? (i.e. beginner, seasoned, other)

Julie: I suppose I would be a seasoned rider.  But every year I look forward to improving my current skills even more!

HMBA: What style of riding do you do?

Julie: At first it was just cross-country/trail riding.  Now, I have having fun expanding into some downhill (Gasifier) and winter biking - all because it's possible to do them all in Hinton!  Oh, and I do enjoy playing at the Bike Park!

HMBA: What are your favorite things to ride at the bike park?

Julie: I love challenging myself in the skills area.  Business Time is super fun and I am still working up to completing Fo'Shore.  Totally Lost is my favorite trail in the park.   It's my daughter's favorite too.

HMBA: Do you ride the trails in our trails systems? (Happy Creek System, Jack’s Trails System)  If so, what would be your most favorite trail?  What’s your favorite loop?

Julie: I ride all of them!!  Having biked here for so long - I've seen the multiple changes in our trail systems.  Back in the day - Happy Creek was so challenging that people did Jack's Trail System as the regular go to!  My most favorite trail... I would say Halloween in the Fall.  There is a location that is absolutely beautiful when the leaves are at their yellowest.  My favorite loop is ending at the back of (lower) Big Horn Trail and riding with speed down the powerline to finish on Flow Master - with not one pedal stroke along the way!

Getting gravity on Gasifier with Stacey

Getting gravity on Gasifier with Stacey

HMBA: Have you tried Gasifier yet?  If so, what do you think?

Julie: Yes I have.  And I can't wait to go again!  I have a downhill bike and gear - which makes it really fun.  

HMBA: If you had one minute to talk to someone new to biking – what would you say?

Julie: If you love being outdoors - this is a great way to do it.  There are so many great trails, some with some neat viewpoints.  I always feel great after a ride and wished it never ended!

HMBA: If you had one minute to talk to someone who bikes, but is new to Hinton – what would you say?

Julie: Join the group rides!  It's the best way to meet other riders and to get to know the trails.

Muck Yeah, 2010

Muck Yeah, 2010

HMBA: How would you describe a typical Ladies’ Ride to someone who hasn’t been on one yet?  

Julie: I always look forward to Ladies' Ride.  I'm  a mom of two and it's my 'me' time.  So it's great to ride with other ladies.   There's lots of camaraderie, support and encouragement when we meet those challenges on the trails.  Lots of laughs, good biking, and even bouts of basic trail maintenance!

HMBA: In what ways do you give back to HMBA?

Julie: First, I support them by buying my annual membership!  For many years now, I have been leading the Monday Ladies' Rides and occasionally the Wednesday Group Rides.   I got certified as an IMBA instructor a few years ago, so that I can help riders enhance their skills.  Since 2011, I have been on the executive as Treasurer and now VP.  I also volunteer as a coach with Sprockids.

HMBA: Thanks Julie!  Looking forward to seeing you out on the trails!!

Julie: With a big smile on my face!!