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Hinton, Alberta

Hinton Mountain Bike Association.  Our goal is to develop, maintain and promote the best possible mountain biking opportunities around the Hinton area, while ensuring responsible and safe practices in environmental conservation, trail construction, trail maintenance and riding.

NOTICE: Happy Creek Boardwalk Repair Underway

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NOTICE: Happy Creek Boardwalk Repair Underway

Hinton Mountain Bike Assocation (HMBA)

Notice to All Trail Users in the Happy Creek Trail System

Please be advised that a section on the East side of the Happy Creek Trail is undergoing trail construction until approximately September 4th, 2015.   Progress reports will be posted on our website ( and on facebook.  During this time, we ask that all trail users enjoy alternate routes on our trail systems and avoid passing through the construction zone, as that may cause more harm (i.e. trail widening and/or work interruptions).  Thank you for your understanding and patience!!

Trail Under Construction

Jay Hoots and crew are working on the Happy Creek Trail boardwalk repair - a 2014 Hinton Participatory Budget project.  See green markings on the map below for area affected by this work.  The trail section is found on Happy Creek Trail - East side, just past the Fast Trax intersection when going South.  There are two long sections of boardwalk that have deteriorated beyond repair over the years and will be replaced with a new structure.  The crew will be accessing the site via motorized quad/bike - but have taken precautions to minimize their impact.  A lot of lumber and materials need to go in and out of the site.

Boardwalk repair area indicated in green.  (2011 map)


Last September, the Hinton Mountain Bike Association had submitted a proposal for Hinton's Participatory Budget.  Hinton's amazing signature trail, Happy Creek, needed some major work done on all the bridges and wood features. This is not just a project that will benefit the mountain bikers, but it will benefit runners, walkers, hikers, and visitors who enjoy using this great trail!  In October, Hinton residents decided to award $30,000 towards the Happy Creek project!  


This caution sign was posted at both ends of the boardwalks to advise all recreational users during the summer of 2015.

Photo credit: Sarah Burns taken in Fall 2014.

Photo credit: Sarah Burns taken in Fall 2014.


If you have any questions, comments or even great feedback about this project, please contact us via email at

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