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Hinton, Alberta

Hinton Mountain Bike Association.  Our goal is to develop, maintain and promote the best possible mountain biking opportunities around the Hinton area, while ensuring responsible and safe practices in environmental conservation, trail construction, trail maintenance and riding.


Position Descriptions

HMBA Governance

Detailed information about the governance of the HMBA can be found in our bylaws.

Board of Directors


Key Qualities:

  • Strong public speaking and presentation skills
  • Able to communicate with landholders and the Town of Hinton
  • Good at chairing meetings
  • Knowledge of mountain biking culture in Hinton
  • Supervises the affairs of the Board
  • When present, chairs all meetings of the HMBA and the Board
  • Acts as the spokesperson for the HMBA
  • Carries out other duties assigned by the Board


Key Qualities:

  • Strong public speaking and presentation skills
  • Able to communicate with landholders and the Town of Hinton
  • Knowlegde of mountain biking culture in Hinton
  • Good at fundraising and sponsorships
  • Assists the President in the affairs of the Board
  • Presides at meetings in the President's absence
  • Replaces the President at various functions when asked to do by the President or the Board
  • Carries out other duties assigned by the Board


Key Qualities:

  • Able to write concise minutes
  • Good communication skills, especially in emails
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Confortable working with files stored on the internet (Google Drive)
  • Keeps accurate minutes of HMBA and Board meetings
  • Has charge of the Board's correspondence
  • Oversees the membership registry
  • Makes sure all notices of various meetings are sent
  • Manages and organises a digital filing system
  • Helps with event promotion
  • Carries out other duties assigned by the Board


  • Makes sure all monies paid to the HMBA are deposited
  • In charge of keeping a detailed account of revenues and expenditures
  • Presents a statement of current revenues and expenditures to the Board as requested
  • Makes sure a financial statement of the Society is prepared and presented at the Annual General Meeting
  • Files the annual returns, changes in the directors of the HMBA, amendments to the bylaws and other incorporating documents with the Corporate Registry
  • Prepares annual budget
  • Renews membership and directors' insurance
  • Assists in grant applications
  • Carries out other duties assigned by the Board

Key Qualities:

  • Strong understanding of reading and creating financial statements
  • Understands basic bookkeeping

Director of Operations

Key Qualities:

  • Good understanding of trail and bike park plans
  • Good knowledge of trail building and maintenance techniques
  • Good knowledge of tools for trail building and maintenance
  • Able to communicate with landholders and the Town of Hinton
  • Good organisational skills
  • Oversees plans for Bike Park and trail systems upgrades and maintenance
  • In charge of tools, equipment, signage and markers
  • Acts as a liaison with landholders
  • Carries out other duties assigned by the Board

Director at Large

Key Qualities:

  • Keen to take on various tasks as assigned by the Board - within the capabilities and skills of the person filling this position
  • Carries out duties as assigned by the Board


Unless assigned to a designate (and available) coordinator, many tasks undertaken by the Board are not tied to a particular position, but assigned to the person with the best knowledge and skills.   These tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Managing website content
  • Managing facebook accounts
  • Special Projects (i.e. new builds)
  • Special Events (i.e. Hinton Growler, Clinics)
  • Grants
  • Merchandise (jerseys, socks, etc)
  • Approaching sponsors for prizes, donations, other
  • Annual Membership sponsorship drive (i.e. confirmation of business sponsorhips on our discount card) 


Not all coordinator positions are filled.  Those that aren't, the Board generally tries to fill in the gaps where they can.  The more coordinator positions are filled, the easier it gets for the overall governance of HMBA.

TRails Coordinator

  • Oversees trail and signage maintenance on HMBA's trail systems
  • Coordinates maintenances days as needed
  • REPORTS TO: Director of Operations

Sprockids Coordinator

  • Organizes the Hinton Sprockids Pogram
  • Manages: volunteer coaches,  calendar,  year-end
  • Co-Manages with the Board: registration, marketing, fundraising
  • REPORTS TO: Vice-President

Membership Coordinator

  • Organizes membership packages for our identified locations
    • waivers
    • membership cards
    • stickers
  • Enters member information into the membership registry
  • Periodically checks-in with each location selling our memberships
  • REPORTS TO: Treasurer/Secretary

Winter Coordinator

  • Manages winter trails maintenance
  • Helps with winter events and promotion
  • Maintenance of grooming equipment, ensuring papers are in order
  • REPORTS TO: Director of Operations

Events Coordinator

  • Coordinates events, for example, the following are possible events:
    • Beaver Bike Fest
    • Bike Clinics
    • Dirt Jams
    • Bike Maintenance Workhops
    • Hinton Growler
    • Year-end event
  • Oversees event promotion
  • REPORTS TO: Director at Large/Secretary

Youth Coordinator

  • Liaison with youth to get them involved/excited about biking
  • Organize and lead Downhill sessions, Dirt Jams, and skills clinics
  • Motivate youth to aid with maintenance and builds
  • REPORTS TO: Director at Large

Grants Coordinator

  • Searches for grant funding
  • Applies for grant funding for HMBA and special projects
  • Completes full grant procedures (applying for, reporting, etc)
  • REPORTS TO: Treasurer

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Manage volunteer list
  • Recruit volunteers for HMBA events and maintenance and building days
  • Food/swag for volunteers at HMBA events
  • REPORTS TO: Secretary

Bike Park Coordinator

  • General Maintenance
  • Design/development of new trails/technical terrain features
  • Oversee new construction
  • Annual maintenance
  • Garbage removal
  • REPORTS TO: Director of Operations

Special Projects Coordinator

  • Implements one-time & maintenance projects
  • Examples would be: Happy Creek Bridge build, Gasifier Downhill trail, etc.
  • REPORTS TO: Director of Operations

Race Coordinator

  • Race development (e.g. Toonie Tuesdays)
  • Promotion of upcoming races
  • e.g. ABA Races, Stage Races, PR to HMBA competitors
  • Training
  • e.g. Cardio, dry land, hills, road, etc
  • Create an HMBA Team
  • REPORTS TO: Director at Large

Book Keeper

  • Book Keeping Activities
    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Financial Statements
  • Charitable Status Reporting
  • REPORTS TO:Treasurer