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Hinton, Alberta

Hinton Mountain Bike Association.  Our goal is to develop, maintain and promote the best possible mountain biking opportunities around the Hinton area, while ensuring responsible and safe practices in environmental conservation, trail construction, trail maintenance and riding.

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HMBA has submitted a proposal for Hinton's Participatory Budget.  Hinton's amazing signature trail, Happy Creek, is going to need some major work done on all the bridges and wood features. This is not just a project that will benefit the mountain bikers, but it will benefit runners, walkers, hikers, and visitors who enjoy using this great trail!

If you are a Hinton or Yellowhead County (west of Obed) resident and over the age of 14 - PLEASE show your support by selecting our project on your vote!

About Hinton's Participatory Budget

Less than one week to go!!    Please refer to these dates for viewing and voting days/times:

  • Oct 15 - October 31 – community viewing at the Government Centre Foyer
  • Oct 29 (5:00pm to 7:00pm) and Nov 1 (10:00am to noon) – voting days at Hinton Library

For more details about the participatory budget and all the projects, click here.


Citizens of Hinton and Yellowhead County (west of Obed) over the age of 14 may vote by paper ballot.  

HMBA's Project Name

Happy Creek Trail Maintenance

Amount requested


Project description

Fixing and replacing bridges and wooden features on Happy Creek Trail.  We are requesting the funds to bring in wood, machinery, tools, and workers to fix current wooden features on this trail.  Safety is paramount with the Hinton Mountain Bike Association, and much time, funding and dedication have already been invested in this trail.  Our community of users will be disgruntled if this trail and its features is left impassable and is left to rot.  This is a trail used, not only by mountain bikers, but also by walkers, hikers and runners.  It is a great example of Hinton's trail system.  This is a project that encompasses much more than a single user group and is a draw to visitors stopping in our community.

Bridges and boardwalks on Happy Creek Trail are in disrepair.  Photo by Sarah Burns. 

User impressions on Happy Creek Trail

Happy Creek trail leads to and from so many of the other great trails in that area. I love meeting all the different people, singles, couples, families, hiking, walking, playing and biking; from Hinton and all over Alberta who come to try out our impressive trail systems.
— Sandra Pelley
It’s a fun trail. Close to town. Well built so good to walk, bike in any weather. Love seeing the groups of tourists on the trail. I am on this trail 3-5 times per week and never worry about being on my own.
— Ellen Aust
1. It’s called happy creek! Who wouldn’t want to ride it? 2. It’s peaceful, close to town yet far from the noise. 3. It has everything a biker needs to improve, challenge and appreciate a sweet trail! Uphill, downhill, bridges and it has a sweet bench to take a break and appreciate the beauty all around! Voila! I love Happy Creek!
— Sophie Levesque
The Happy Creek Trail is part of the Hinton Mountain Bike Association’s (HMBA) fantastic trail system and it attaches directly to the Beaver Boardwalk trail system.

In my opinion, this is the perfect trail for cutting your teeth on hiking with moderate ups and downs, a narrower trail than your groomed pathways in town and roots and other minor obstacles to get used to.
— Sarah Burns