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Hinton, Alberta

Hinton Mountain Bike Association.  Our goal is to develop, maintain and promote the best possible mountain biking opportunities around the Hinton area, while ensuring responsible and safe practices in environmental conservation, trail construction, trail maintenance and riding.

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Jack's Trail System

Jack’s Trail System is a beautiful (primarily singletrack) trail, that slowly, and gradually, gains elevation until you reach the furthest point from the trailhead, at which time the trail is then almost entirely downhill back to your original starting point.   This trail system was originally built by Jack Liebrecht who then named the many trail sections after members of his family -even though he was the only one who rode the trails.

Jack's Trails now "Unsanctioned"

On May 15, 2018, the HMBA Board or Directors had to make the decision to downgrade the Jacks Trail System to "Unsanctioned".  This means that the trail is no longer maintained by the Hinton Mountain Bike Association.  Riders ride at their own risk!

In early Spring of 2018, extensive clearing occurred in the lower areas of the trail system which ultimately erased and/or damaged the trails.  The area is also slated for future development.  The Board decided that it will focus on the Hinton Bike Park and Happy Creek Trail System moving forward.

It is nearly impossible to find where the trail was...

It is nearly impossible to find where the trail was...


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