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Hinton, Alberta

Hinton Mountain Bike Association.  Our goal is to develop, maintain and promote the best possible mountain biking opportunities around the Hinton area, while ensuring responsible and safe practices in environmental conservation, trail construction, trail maintenance and riding.


Happy Creek Trail System

The Happy Creek Trail System is a series of connecting singletrack trails with a wide range of options for all skill levels. Rolling terrain and an interesting mix of roots, sidehills, climbs, stunts, boardwalks and viewpoints make this a local favorite. 


Below are a few trail descriptions of some of our trails.  


Difficulty: Intermediate

Type: Singletrack

Description:  A pedally 2.4 kilometer trail that connects the EZ viewpoint with the GS trail in the greater Happy Creek trail system. Ranger has a different challenge depending on which direction you ride it with something new around every corner. As the trail is still new, your keen tracking skills will be useful for navigation and looking for flags on important corners.

Directions:  There are two main ways to access this trail.  The northern trailhead is found off the spur trail for the EZ Lookout, a favorite lookout spot after going up The J.  The second connects from Halloween and a fun downhill extension with the GS trail. 


Difficulty: Intermediate

Type: Singletrack

Description: Welcome to the backwoods. Pack your saw, bear spray and banjo as Bubba's is a root'n toot'n good ole remote wilderness singletrack along the outer limits of the HMBA maintained trails. Roughly 2.2 kms of mixed terrain with some navigation required on 4x4 trails and a mud bog crossing that will make your brakes squeal like a pig. Bubba's is a great extension to Phil's Thriller or Slowcooker, so grab yourself a 2014 HMBA map and go find your inner hill billy!

Directions: Bubba's can be found partway through on Phil's Thriller or across the southern entrance/exit to Slowcooker.  The suggested direction for a nice flow is starting from the Phil's Thriller intersection.


Difficulty: Intermediate

Type: Singletrack, Downhill

Description: Take the law into your own hands with this rowdy sub kilometer, downhill-grade, singletrack version of a high speed car chase. Tight and twisty, off camber and quick pedal sections make you earn your turns even more than the ride up. Access this from the climb up “Cleo’s”, “Halloween” or “GS” and look for the antler-shed “Vigilante” sign. This trail was dedicated to founding HMBA super couple Stephen Hanus and Debbie Mucha.

Direction: Vigilante can be reached by climbing up Cleo's or Halloween Trails.  The quickest route is to follow Happy Creek West onto Halloween.  Follow Halloween past it's switchback climb.   Start on Cleo's with a quick right onto Vigilante.

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