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Hinton, Alberta

Hinton Mountain Bike Association.  Our goal is to develop, maintain and promote the best possible mountain biking opportunities around the Hinton area, while ensuring responsible and safe practices in environmental conservation, trail construction, trail maintenance and riding.

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HMBA's May Sunshine

Hinton Mountain Bike Assocation (HMBA)

The Hinton Mountain Bike Association received several generous donations in May this year!

Big Shouts out to:

The owner of Talisman Logging who donated $1,000 to HMBA!!!

 Juventus Cycling Club in Edmonton for their donation of $500.  The Juventus Cycling Club has a Sprockids program for kids aged 8 to 11.  On May 24th, the Juventus Sprockids, teamed up with the Devon Bears cycling program, came to the Hinton Bike Park with their families for a fun-filled day at the park!

Photo source:

Photo source:

A huge thank you to RBC employees and their guests to come out for a work bee at the Hinton Bike Park.  Racking, picking up garbage, etc!   As part of the RBC Employee Grant program - their efforts led to a $1,000 donation to HMBA.  Many, many thanks!!