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Hinton, Alberta

Hinton Mountain Bike Association.  Our goal is to develop, maintain and promote the best possible mountain biking opportunities around the Hinton area, while ensuring responsible and safe practices in environmental conservation, trail construction, trail maintenance and riding.

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2015 Beaver Bike Fest Results!

Hinton Mountain Bike Assocation (HMBA)


Here are the final results for the 6th Annual Beaver Bike Fest.  A funtastic weekend!!

Everett and Kira won the Overall Beaver awards for male and female categories respectively.

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers  and supporters!!!


Bike Park Prep and More

Hinton Mountain Bike Assocation (HMBA)

This week, work is being done by Jay Hoots & crew at the Hinton Bike Park and on Happy Creek Trail East (boardwalk sections).  As work progresses throughout the week, you may see piles of dirt or flagging tape in some areas.  These sites will be temporarily closed until maintenance is complete - so we thank you for your continued patience throughout this important work!

If venturing out on or near Happy Creek Trail, you may hear a moto bike nearby.  Please rest assured that this moto bike is setup to leave as minimal a disturbance as possible and is used to help transport material in and out of the area.  As you can imagine, the two boardwalks add up to a lot of lumber!  This particular project is funded by the Hinton Participatory Budget in the amount of $30,000 which HMBA was awarded in Fall of 2014.   Thank you Hinton!!!



Amazing Support For Beaver Bike Fest!


We are 5 days away from our signature event and the Hinton Mountain Bike Association has had amazing support from local and regional businesses!

  • Hinton Luge Association
  • Scooper Dooper and The Gourmet Lunchbox


HMBA Looking To Recruit a Recruiter


Do you love mountain biking in Hinton?  Do you enjoy connecting with lots of people?  Are you good at motivating others to join you on some fun rides and adventures?  Do you like to keep track of all your trail riding kilometers so that you can create fun graphs and profiles?  Do you often wonder how you can donate a liitle bit of time to support your awesome bike club?  

Well...HMBA is recruiting a Recruiter and if you answered yes to most or all of these questions - you have the right set of skills and would be a great asset to HMBA as the BBF Volunteer Coordinator.  Waddaya Say?  (Psst!  The answer is:  sure! I can help out!)

Contact us at!


HMBA Events Update


Gear Swap:  

Rescheduled until May 31.  Will run from 12 -3 pm at Harry Collinge High School.  Table set up is from 11-12.  Tables are $15 for the 1st table and $10 for each table after that. All proceeds will go to Greg Van Tighems MS Fund.  Contact Stacey to register a table

Phils Clinics:  

Phil is running 2 clinics this spring:  

  1. May 26 & 28
  2. June 3 & 5 

Cost is a mere $20 and the proceeds go to his MS Bike Fund.  Must be an HMBA member to participate.  Contact Stacey at for more info or to register.

Endless Bike Camps:  

HMBA partnered with the TOH to bring Endless Bike Camps to Hinton.  July 28 to 31st.  This is an amazing opportunity for youth ages 10-17.  It doesn't matter how often you ride the park, you are never too good for a learning opportunity.  And this company has highly skilled and qualified instructor with amazing experience.  If your kid is hanging out at the bike park all the time, this is the clinic for them.  Give them the opportunity to ride the park, like it should be ridden...with mad skills.  Cost is $350 (for no childcare afterwards) and $390 if your child needs to be delivered and supervised at the rec centre after each day.  It is cheaper to register in person at the rec centre, as there will be no hidden fees (like there are when you register online).  Here are some links for Endless....  and


Starts on Thursday May 15th.  Registration is only $40 and you can register on our website or on the night of.  Meet at the Bike Park for 6pm (if your already registered, come a bit earlier if you still need to sign up).  The program is in need of coaches and volunteers, if you are interested in helping our youngsters learn to love riding, this is an opportunity for you.  Contact Tim at

Beaver Bike Fest:  

August 23 & 24.  That's right 2 days of awesomeness!  We are still searching for some key volunteers...Volunteer Coordinator (can be split between 2 people, all your doing is telling the volunteers where they need to be), Safety, and event coordinators (Dirt Jam, Downhill, skills, fun events).  Finally got a prize coordinator (thank you Colleen) and a food coordinator (thank you Christine).  Also, this is my last year organizing BBF, so if anyone out there would like to consider organizing it next year, this is a great time to get some hands on learning.  Contact Stacey

Trails and Group Rides:  

Please refrain from riding when it's too wet.  Please come out for maintenance when you are able (Kevin will update the website when he is planning something).  And please feel free to organize the ladies or club ride when an exec is not there.  The exec is unable to attend every ride, every week, so hey, grab the bull by the horns and lead that group.  If there is really a need for a 'ride supervisor', then maybe someone could step up and offer to be the weekly supervisor.  Otherwise, pick a trail and ride hard.  Meet at the park for 6:45pm and be ready to ride for 7pm.  Trails are currently pretty dry, but please don't ride around the muddy sections as it widens the trail.


You can purchase your own wicked HMBA freestyle or turbo t jersey (cash only) at Vicious Cycle or Rocky Performance Machines (RPM).  Tell  your friends they can buy memberships at both locations (and the rec centre) as well.  As well, RPM has stepped up as a last minute membership card sponsor, offering a 10% discount on in-store apparel.  


 Don't forget to join us on Facebook for the most up to date info.


Beavers' Tale

Sean Kinney

Here we are, at the conclusion of our Beavers' Tale, after one amazing, jam-packed everything-bike weekend!!!  We were lucky to have a few shots of the Beavers, but they insisted in keeping a low profile until it was time to make their big Ta-D'ah! On Friday, September 13th, AFD Racing set up their Acro Bag near the curling rink for kids (and beavers) of all ages to get some fun air with their bikes.

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Prize Beavers Spotted in William A. Switzer Provincial Park


Some lucky HMBA members were paddling on Jarvis Creek one afternoon during the September long weekend... and look who they meet along the meandering channels! The travelling wood-chompin' trio were so excited to show the canoers their summer vacation paradise. They were quite proud of the dam they built!  They became tour guides for the lucky family of paddlers.

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Bertie the Beaver Shows Some Emotion!

Sean Kinney

Bertie the Beaver was at work (Dam inspector for Environment and Sustainable Resource Development) when he heard the rain.

Outside for a closer look...

Shakes his fist at the rain clouds... He knows now his fav bike fest will have to wait till another time!

And oh ya... he was also asked where his little trophy friends were? I was not man enough to tell him about the story.